All quotation requests sent to Vice Version are analyzed by an interdisciplinary team that selects the professionals best suited to your project, taking into account not only the languages ​​involved, but also the area of ​​expertise of each professional. With this, we prepare an objective and flexible business proposal that will certainly meet your budget and deadline.


Free Translation

For materials of diverse contents, simple or technical, free translation aims to transmit the ideas of the original text into another language. Our extensive knowledge and experience in topics of the most diverse sectors of the industry, commerce and services, along with a strict quality control performed by native professionals ensure your text gets the respect and quality it deserves.

Certified Translation

Certified or sworn translation is indicated to translated materials that must be legalized with public faith to be recognized throughout the national territory and many foreign countries. For this, count on our translators and leave the entire process to us, including services such as registration at the Registry of Deeds and Documents as well as notarization of documents.


Writing reflects directly on the image of your company. Count on us to review your text for content, grammar and spelling. Our team has extensive experience in proofreading and fluent reading of finished materials, as well as contents in Portuguese which must be adjusted to the New Orthographic Agreement.


Interpretation is the oral translation between two languages. Seeking an excellent result, interpretation must be performed in an accurate and discreet manner, demonstrating fidelity to the information presented and contributing to efficient communication. Our team of interpreters is highly trained and perfectly adapts to the specific requirements of each circumstance. Choose from one of the following options:

Consecutive interpretation

This method is marked by pauses in the speaker's delivery so that the main and relevant points of the message may be interpreted. As the need arises, the interpreter may also interact with the speaker in order to clarify and facilitate the communication of the message to those present.

Simultaneous interpretation

Different from the consecutive method, simultaneous interpretation takes place instantly. The interpreter will reproduce the speaker's message to the other language with the aid of equipment and accessories, such as booths and receptors, facilitating the integrity and comprehension of the message for both the interpreter and the audience.

Escort interpretation

An escort interpreter is ideal for small business meetings, visits, events, trainings and other occasions characterized by fewer people compared to large conventions. At those occasions, the interpreter plays the role of mediator between people whose languages ​​and cultures are often completely different.


Transcription is the textual reproduction of oral content normally presented in audio or video files recorded at interviews, meetings, lectures, and others. When recorded in text format, such information is easier to be consulted, analyzed and stored. The qualification and fluency of our professionals contribute to a clear and objective transcription, always taking into account the confidentiality and the integrity of the transmitted message.


Vice Version is ready to subtitle your videos, always according to the common rules of subtitling as observed by the most renowned studios of our time. No matter the nature of your material - corporate, entertainment or even personal videos - we offer a personalized, serious and confidential service so that the message of your video may be understood and your goal achieved.


Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular culture. Usually used for the translation of websites, software, games, among others, localization ensures your material is completely adjusted to the region for which it is intended. Count on us to perfectly harmonize the features of your content to the desired culture.


With the advancement of technology in the production of multimedia content, narration has become indispensable in several audiovisual segments. For both voice-over and corporate training, e-learning in general, among others, Vice Version has a comprehensive casting of voice professionals to meet your demand, including actors and voice actors, natives in several languages.